Working at the Happiest Place On Earth, Walt Disney World!

10th September 2006, Sunday

My 2 month International Program was about to begin, I didn’t know of anyone else that was going but I’d booked my flight with STA travel and they had put me on the same flight as others with the same start date as me. My flight from Manchester was delayed which meant missing my connection in Boston so I was diverted to Dallas and then on to Orlando. Not a great start, if I have learnt anything from my years of travelling it is to always get a direct flight if possible!

I eventually arrived into Orlando at 12.30am and had by now met a few others on my program, we had been split into different flights to Dallas and the others had lost their luggage en route. This meant they all had to describe their luggage to airport staff and provide an address for them to send it on. Then we had to make a stop at Wal Greens so that they could buy some essentials. We finally arrived at my new home for 2 months The Tree house Villas at around 2.30am. I felt awful, extremely jet lagged and a bit ill. To make things even worse I had to be at a meeting early next morning which meant I would only get around 4 hours sleep if that!

11th September, Monday

I had to be at the bus stop for 8.15am for my meeting at The Commons and we then went on to Chatham Square and Vista Way. I was tired and hungry (not a good combination), we were given a free voucher for lunch at Chick-fila so this helped improve my mood a bit. Although after the meal we had to rush back to another meeting where we were made to wait outside in the boiling heat, luckily I managed to find some shade. Once back at the Tree houses I had an early night and didn’t have to be up early the next day so managed to get over the jet lag.

12th September, Tuesday

I had to be at the bus stop for 12.45pm for a meeting at The Commons again. The meeting involved listening to presentations and filling out forms for a bank account e.t.c. The new starters were all from the U.K and Mexico.

13th September, Wednesday

I had the day off, so I had another lie in and then went to Downtown Disney in the afternoon. Downtown Disney is a waterside shopping, dining and entertainment complex, it was nice to explore and have a stroll around. Also my new favourite place Ghirardellis chocolates would give out a free sample every time you go in. It was a lovely chocolate and caramel square, needless to say I went in as many times as I could get away with!

14th September, Thursday

I had to be at the bus stop for 6.45am . My Traditions Class was at the Disney University at 8am. The class lasted for 4 hours, I also won a little Minnie Mouse figure for answering a question right. I had to dress in professional clothing and the lady said she liked my shoes. I learnt about Disney history and expectations and watched some videos. I also met lots of new people some from England and some from Mexico.

Over the next couple of days I went to MGM and Magic Kingdom and I found out that I would be working at Pecos Bill quick service restaurant in Frontier land at Magic Kingdom. I didn’t know at the time but it is the busiest QSR at MK. I also became acquainted with Wal-Mart, luckily for me they had an international isle. The main things I put on my first ever shopping list were Weetabix, Robinsons Orange squash, Chocolate and a pillow (the main essentials in life). There were other items purchased some of which were shared with my housemates Nicola and Fiona.

17th September, Sunday

My first day of training at work, otherwise known as Earning My Ears! My friend Tom had also been given Pecos as a work place so we started at 12.15pm with our trainer Jazmin who was really nice. I thought the work would be hard and that I would never remember everything as there was a lot to it. Within a short space of time I was shown how to do filler, condiments and trays and closing down. We were allowed to leave early at around 6pm instead of 8.30pm which was good.

18th September, Monday

My second day of training was worse than the first as I was shown how to do topping bar and topping bar runner! I had to change these massive bags of ketchup and mustard and lets just say it was a little messy. I had to stay until 8.30pm as well because Jazmin had been in trouble for letting us go early yesterday.

19th September, Tuesday

My day off. I washed my clothes and went to Wal-Mart where I purchased a phone card so that when I got back I could speak to everyone back home, they were all fine. I told them all about the new people I had met, my work and the mousekateria (works café). I also told Ryan about EPCOT and the Test Track ride. It was nice to speak to them all and let them know that I’m ok.

That evening Oscar, Sawy and Gary came around to see if we all wanted to go out. My housemates didn’t so we decided to stay in and went back to the guys apartment. We had a good laugh playing some games, including one where we went around the circle and we each had to say something in our own language. I thought they just meant a catchy little phrase that we could each learn so just said something along the lines of Bore Da, Sut Da Chi? Welsh for Good Morning, How Are You? but some of the others gave longer examples. It was nice to listen to the different languages. Oscar said that he was glad to be here and that he had made new friends and that I was beautiful. I thought that was very sweet of him, no one had ever said anything like that to me before. He was such a gentleman walking me back to my tree house at the end of the evening around 1am just in case I got lost (which I said I wouldn’t but I totally would, it all looked so different in the dark!).

20th September, Wednesday

I was at work from 10.15am until 6.15pm, I had to work alone and then I had my assessment. Rachid was the manager completing my assessment, he was nice, he’s from Morocco. I was looking forward to the evenings events because there was going to be a private Round Up for International Cast Members only after the park closed in Frontier land. I had agreed to meet the others there including Oscar, we went on Splash Mountain and made the mistake of sitting right at the front, my hair got completely soaked and the water was actually dripping off my face! It was funny though.

21st September, Thursday

I was in work 11.30am -5.30pm and had to work on topping bar for 2 hours, it was awful. I was on filler for the rest of the day.

22nd September, Friday

I was working 11.30am-5.30pm again and was on filler all day which wasn’t too bad. In the evening I met up with Oscar and went to the swimming pool and hot tub. We chatted for a while and then came back to my place and continued to chat and watch rubbish on the telly and then fell asleep. Oscar has a little brother the same age as Kelly.

23rd September, Saturday

Today I have the day off, I have done my bedding and towels and have been to Wal-Mart. I’ve been sat down writing this diary trying to remember what I did on what day this last week. It has taken some time. I have also found some new insect bites, it’s my own fault for going to the hot tub in the forest at night. Wont be doing that again! Nicola and Fiona are due home soon so we’ll probably stay up for a bit and have a girly catch up.

24th September, Sunday

Went to work for 11.30am, I was on filler and then close down on my own! I started the close down at around 4pm and didn’t finish until  6.40pm. I then went to clock out, Fiona is working until 1am and Nicola until 9.45pm. I saw James on the bus on the way back he said he doesn’t enjoy the actual job much either but we both agreed we like the social side of things. I’m off on Thursday and Friday this week so I think I’ll go to Animal Kingdom.

25th September, Monday

Went to work for 10.45am, I was on counter stocker for around 4 hours, it was very tiring. At night we had decided to go to PI (Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney) there are a few night clubs there and it’s all free for us. Motion is my favourite club. There weren’t many people out so we didn’t stay out late, Thursday is the best night to go so a big group of us is going to go then.

26th September, Tuesday

Went to work for 11.30am, the day wasn’t too bad. I went out in the evening to a special evening for cast members at Magic Kingdom called Curse of Tom Sawyer Island/Pirates of the Caribbean. We were in a big group me, Nic, Fi, Zeki, Chris, Hannah and Laura, we went over to the Island on a raft then we had to walk around in the dark with just a lamp to light the way. Pirates started jumping out of the bushes at us and people with weird light up masks were making us scream as we went through some caves. We then ended up in a little courtyard with a fountain in it and Davy Jones bursts out of some doors and chased us around the fountain. Even the boys were scared, it was mental, such good fun though! I lost my flip flop at one point in the dark caves and a guy with a scary flashing face had to drop the act and help me find it using his mask, hilarious!

27th September, Wednesday

I had to be at work for 11.15am, I had quite a good day really, I didn’t get any bad jobs. Tom was in as well so we chatted when it was quiet. I’m off tomorrow and it’s Cast Member night at PI. I saw Sergio on my break we share the same break room so we chatted for a bit. Captain Jack also passes through occasionally which is fun, there is one that is especially good looking! I’m looking forward to going out tomorrow, Chris and Zeki are going, hopefully the Mexican group will be too. Tonight I’m having a night in, already in my pjs in front of the t.v.

28th September, Thursday

I had the day off today, slept until around 10.30am and then went into work to get my pay cheque. I then went to Wal-Mart and cashed in my pay cheques at the garage there. I also had my hair trimmed at the hairdressers, I like it and I’m going out tonight so my hair is already done.

Nic, Fi and I met Tom and James at the bus stop at 10.15pm then around 11.30pm we met the others- Manuel, Edgar and Oscar and the rest of their friends. We went to Motion again and I was told I wasn’t dancing enough but by the end of the night my “Britney” moves were great apparently! They play the music videos to the songs on a big screen which is quite cool. The club closed at 2am so the few of us that were left got a taxi back, it was a fun night.

29th September, Friday

I had the day off today as well, I got up at 10.30am and went to Animal Kingdom and watched Festival of the Lion King it was good but I preferred the Lion King show at Disneyland Paris. I have already started to buy Christmas presents for the family for when I go back home. Nic will be back at 8pm so we’re going to share a pizza then.

30th September, Saturday

I worked 11.30am-7pm nothing to report really. Tomorrow I’m not working until 5.15pm

1st October, Sunday

Me, Nic and Fi went to Magic Kingdom for the day. Philhar Magic is my favourite (it’s a 3D show where Donald goes through different movie songs such as the Little Mermaid, Lion King and Beauty and the Beast) and I enjoy the parades and of course the night time Castle Show Wishes is the best! I got changed in the locker rooms for work. Some annoying girl I work with keeps trying to boss me about, I’d accidentally elbowed her in the head earlier on in the shift, glad it happened now.

2nd October, Monday

Today I had training for cash from 8.45am-5pm. I had a 2 hour dinner break which was great! It all went fine and I’ve got my assessment tomorrow, hope it goes ok. I got free food on my lunch break too! I went to an ice cream social after work. I have seen my shifts for next week and they have only given me 1 day off which I’m quite annoyed about, I’ll have to try and give 1 shift away.

3rd October, Tuesday

I had my assessment on cash handling today which is basically till work, Rachid was my assessor again and it all went fine, I passed. I finished at 5pm and Nic had the day off so I hopped in the shower and then we headed to Magic Kingdom for the evening. Oscar was working on the main gate, it was good to have a quick catch up as I haven’t seen him in a while because our schedules have clashed.

4th October, Wednesday

I was at work for 11.15am today and I had a welcome presentation they were showing a video on a big screen of different photos of people taken around the park and one of me came up with my Mexican friends at the Cast Member Round Up, I could have died! I finished work at 6pm and I’m off tomorrow, Fi is off too.

5th October, Thursday

Had the day off today, me and Fi went to the Polynesian Resort for a spot of sunbathing. We then went on to Magic Kingdom and watched the new Dreams Come True castle show and the High School Musical pep rally. We also went on Space Mountain and then went to meet Nic for 6.45pm. We then went to Downtown Disney and I got some chips form the Irish Pub, they were delicious! I’m going to call home tomorrow, I’m looking forward to speaking to Mum! I’m missing Buddy (my dog) too, I miss him running to welcome me, sitting on my knee and talking baby talk to him. On Sunday I’ll have been here a month!

6th October, Friday

I slept until around 10.30am, went to check the mail and then went to sunbathe by the pool. I phoned home and had a good conversation with Mum. In the afternoon I went to EPCOT with Nic and Oscar, I made the mistake of going on Mission Space. I felt so ill afterwards but thankfully it passed quite quickly. We walked around the World Showcase, Oscar gave us a guided tour of Mexico – I’d like to go one day. We watched the Illuminations fireworks show at 9pm. Then we had to get back to the Tree houses which meant getting the bus to Chatham then waiting for the W bus for 25 minutes. I’m tired from all the walking today.

7th October, Saturday

Work dragged today, I finished at 7pm. There was a bit of thunder tonight. Watching Big Daddy at the moment and chatting to Nic and Fi. Got a few things coming up in the next week including the cast member preview of the new Finding Nemo ride at EPCOT on Thursday.

8th October, Sunday

Work was really tiring today, they had me scooping ice with a massive shovel for 4 hours! It was obviously a mistake on the computer that had missed me out of the rotation, I had to go and tell Duvall ( the days manager) in the end because my back was breaking! He sorted it out for me straight away. I’m watching Desperate Housewives now and Brothers and Sisters is on afterwards, which I love!

9th October, Monday

I worked 3.15pm until 9.15pm and went to PI with Zeki and a few others and we met Sergio and his friends on the bus. We stayed together in a big group all night and had a great time. We all went back to a tree house and listened to music and chatted until around 4.30am.

10th October, Tuesday

I woke up around 10.30am, I’m on a late shift tonight working until 10.15pm, Tom is in too so at least I’ll have someone to talk too.

11th October, Wednesday

Today I went into work for 11.45am and I put in for an ER (early release) so I finished at 6.45pm. I’m going to Downtown Disney with Nic and we’ll meet Fiona there. I’m off tomorrow and we’re going to EPCOT. I’m watching Dancing with the stars, Mario Lopez is on it (he’s very good) and so is Joseph Lawrence but he’s shaved his head and doesn’t look as nice. It’s gone a little bit cooler here now and is a bit chilly at night time. Need to go to Wal-Mart, hate food shopping!

12th October, Thursday

Today I had my day off, the three of us went to EPCOT to go on the new Finding Nemo  ride, you basically get in a clam and you can see the aquarium and they make it look like the characters from Finding Nemo are in there too. Then we went for food at the Rainforest Café at Animal Kingdom, I had a burger and fries. Then we went on Everest and the Dinosaur ride, I felt a bit ill after Everest because there is a section where it goes backwards. I also got Eeyore to sign Kellys birthday card, she’ll love that.

Then we went to drop Nicola off at work and I picked up my pay cheque. We then went on to MGM and had some ice cream and watched Fantasmic, which is an amazing show that brings together favourite Disney heroes, princesses and villains, it’s all based on an island surrounded by water and they use some great special effects. I got home and Zeki has come around to see Hannah, he wants me to go to PI with them tonight. I think I might go because I’m not working until 12.30pm tomorrow.

13th October, Friday

I did go out last night and I’m not too tired but I probably will be later, I’m working until 9.15pm. Work was tiring, I was on topping bar runner from 4.30pm until I finished. I’m not going out anywhere tonight, I’m going to bed!! I’m going to write some letters first. It’s Chris’s birthday tomorrow so I think there is going to be a big party in his apartment.

14th October, Saturday

I was in work from 11.45am until 5.45pm, I like finishing early and it was an ok day today. Think I’m going to pop to Wal -Mart now and then to Chris’s party after. I saw Oscar and Gary at the bus stop. It’s been a lot cooler today, hope it’s hotter tomorrow so I can work on my tan!

15th October, Sunday

I did go to the party last night, I met loads of new people and spent a lot of time chatting to Vanessa, Manuel, Edgar and Sergio, we had a good laugh. I didn’t leave until around 4.30am so spent most of the day sleeping, I washed my clothes too. Going to watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters later.

16th October, Monday

I slept until 11am and then just lazed around. I called home too which was nice. I’ve got a social security trip tomorrow which is basically going to some office to get my social security number. I’m working 6.30pm-12.30am tonight , I’m closing.

17th October, Tuesday

I got up at 6.40am to go on my social security trip, I met Tom at the bus stop. It was a really stupid system we basically had to go in a few at a time which meant us hanging around on the bus for hours. When we got back I went back to Sergio and Edgars place with Andrea and Sergio made us some Mexican beef thing for lunch and I quite liked it. I wont have to make a meal tonight now either. Dancing with the stars is on at 8pm so I’ll have to watch that.

18th October, Wednesday

Today I went to Universal with Edgar, Sergio, Vanessa, Cesar, Jackie and Pablo. I went on quite a lot of the rides considering rides aren’t really my thing. I didn’t go on the Hulk ride though, I held everyone’s bags and jumpers instead. It was a fun day, which is a good job considering it cost me $80!

We all went to the pool when we got back. I had a great day but haven’t got much money left now, we don’t get paid enough. I’ve only got 3 weeks left here now!

19th October, Thursday

I’m happy today, I got an ER so I didn’t have to do a 10 hour shift. I was on greeter for 3 hours and counter stocker for 2 hours, I had an hour break as well. I saw Edgar on my way home, him and Sergio are both working late tonight so I think I’ll just have a quite night in tonight. Tomorrow I need to cash my cheque in and take my costumes (uniform) back.

20th October, Friday

Today I got the 11.20am bus to take my costumes back and get some clean ones and I went to the bank. I worked from 12.15pm until 9.45pm. I had an hour break and went to the Mousekateria for a burger and a muffin(not eaten together). I’m not working until 3.45pm tomorrow so I can have lie in. Tomorrow I need to ring international recruiting and call home.

21st October, Saturday

I worked from 3.45pm until 9.45pm. I got up around 11am, I left a message for international recruiting regarding my interview for the Cultural Program. I rang home and told Mum all about work and Universal Studios. Today was the first time I really wanted to go home after speaking to them and I got the job of changing all the bins (trash cans)  in work, not the best job in the world. I worked on the drinks station the rest of the time so it wasn’t too bad. I had a catch up with Vanessa on my break, we share the same break room. I need to plan what I want to do before I leave.

22nd October, Sunday

I worked 11.15am until 5.15pm today, I was on drinks the whole time and it was really busy so time went quickly. If only every day was as easy. I’m going to have a nice relaxing bath now and then a nap before Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters.

I’ve had my schedule for next week and I’m on cash, I haven’t been on the tills since my training. Tom told me he went to Universal Horror Nights yesterday and that it was scary so I don’t think I’m going to go to that after all. You basically go in these haunted houses and walk down streets and people with weird masks and chainsaws chase you.

23rd October, Monday

I worked from 11am until 5pm today, I was on drinks all day again which was great. I’m not looking forward to tomorrows shift, it’s a really late one. A girl at work wants more hours so I’m going to try to give some of mine to her this week, will have to get it sorted on the team portal. I didn’t go anywhere last night but James came over for a catch up with me and Nic, we stayed up until around 1am. Nic’s off on Wednesday so we will hopefully be able to do something then. I have set up an interview with International Recruiting for Thursday at 10am at the Casting Centre, hopefully it will go well.

24th October, Tuesday

Today I was in work 4pm until 12.30am, it dragged. Saw Sergio on my break he said Alexis was having a birthday party after so I went back got changed and headed straight over. It was great fun, Mexicans know how to party! Lalo was trying to teach me to dance “Mexican style”. The party finished at 4am, security said “Party Over” because the music was too loud apparently.

25th October, Wednesday

Lazed around for most of the day, went over to Sergios and waited for Edgar to get back so we could go to Magic Kingdom, we mainly went to see people we knew that were working. Then we watched the night time parade Spectro Magic, all the parade floats are beautifully lit up. Then we watched Hallowishes which is a Halloween version of Wishes the night time Castle Fireworks show. I love Wishes, it is an amazing show!

When we got back we got ready to go to PI, we were all quite tired so just sat around in the clubs. Manuel was working at the Motion club and had a break so he came over to join us. Didn’t stay too late because I had an interview the next day.

26th October, Thursday

I have the day off today but got up early to go to my interview. It went well, Kim was my interviewer and she was really nice. I showed her some of my photos from back home which I think she liked. She also complemented my purse (handbag) which was kind of her. She said I should here from Jason at Yummy jobs soon. When I got back I went to the Florida Mall with Nic and Fi, we needed to buy some costumes for Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom. I found a bunny girl costume.

At around 7pm we arrived at Magic Kingdom for the party, we got loads of candy. They have different candy stations dotted around the park and we saw lots of people we knew so they gave us loads. We watched the special parade, I loved the Jack Sparrow float! Then we watched Hallowishes and shared an ice cream cookie sandwich.

27th October, Friday

Today I worked from 11am until 7pm. I checked my emails when I got back because some of the others have heard that they have got the Cultural Program job but I didn’t have any emails. I’ve only got around 2 weeks left now, looking forward to calling home.

28th October, Saturday

I had a really long sleep last night which was just what I needed. I went into work for 11am and finished early at 4pm. I went to Wal-Mart after. I’m working on cash tomorrow so I’m a bit worried that I might make mistakes after not being on the till for so long. Going to relax tonight, I’ve got some magazines to read then I’ll have an early night.

29th October, Sunday

So it turns out the clocks went back last night and we didn’t know, poor Nicola got up an hour early for work and she was in early enough as it is. I worked 12.15pm until 8pm, I was on cash until 5pm and then went on to topping bar which sucked. I’m home now and getting ready for Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. I’m looking forward to my graduation party and that same night is the cast preview of Mickeys Magical Christmas parade. It’ll be a lovely way to end my time here, we will leave the next day.

30th October, Monday

I didn’t feel well today so had to call in sick to work, luckily they over staff for sickness so I didn’t feel too bad about it. I’m looking forward to calling home tomorrow to say Happy Birthday to Kelly. I’m looking forward to going home and seeing them all plus I can eat some decent food and watch proper things on t.v. I will call Yummy jobs tomorrow if I haven’t heard anything, I want to know either way if I’ve got the job or not.

31st October, Tuesday (Halloween)

Today I called home to say Happy Birthday to Kelly, she was pleased with all her presents. They were just about to start the party food when I was saying goodbye, so jealous. I worked 5.15pm until 11.15pm on cash, it was great, I even got a seat at the till. Then when I got back I went to PI and met up with Tom and Meg from work. I had to get to PI on the bus dressed as a bunny girl by myself as I was meeting everyone there, hilarious. Meg drove us back around 2am which was good of her.

1st November, Wednesday

Today I was supposed to work from 11am until 6.45pm, I was on counter and managed to get an ER at 3.45pm. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. I went home got changed and then went back to meet Nic and James in Magic Kingdom. We went on a few of the rides and then met Fiona when she finished work at 8.30pm and then we met up with Tom and we all went to Downtown Disney. We went for a meal at The House Of Blues, it was a good laugh. When we got back we played Pirates of the Caribbean Monopoly and then I went to bed around 1am.

2nd November, Thursday

Today me, Nic and Fi went to EPCOT. We went on the Soarin ride, which basically makes you feel like you are gliding through the air over certain landmarks, it was good. We then went to MGM and had some lunch, I had some fried chicken strips. We watched the parade which compared to the Magic Kingdom one wasn’t that great. Then we went on to Magic Kingdom and had some ice cream and drinks, we watched the castle show and then went down into the tunnels (there are a series of tunnels under the Magic Kingdom which is how us Cast Members get about so quickly) to get our pay cheques.

We then came home to get showered and changed ready for PI. I met Edgar on the bus and we were talking about how quickly time has gone and it’s almost time for me to leave, they have got another couple of months to go. We went to the 8Trax club first but ended up in Motion because it’s the best really. Sergio showed up halfway through the night and was acting really weird, men! Nic and Fi had left so I spent the rest of the night with Edgar, Lalo, Zeki and Hannah. Edgar and I had a chat about how we both want to travel and he said I’m welcome to stay with him in Mexico anytime which was lovely of him, I hope I can go someday. We will keep in touch via email.

3rd November, Friday

Today I worked 11.30am until 5.30pm. I cashed me cheque in at Vista bank and she said I owed them $8, the cheek of it! apparently the account I have is a chargeable one, funny how they don’t point that out to you when filling out the paperwork. I’m having an early night tonight, I didn’t get home until 3am this morning. I’m going to have a relaxing bath now too. I only have 5 days left to go in work.

4th November, Saturday

Today I got up around 10.30am and then called home, it was nice to talk to everyone and I’ll be seeing them in a week! I worked from 1am until 8pm, I’m tired and have got a bit of a cough so didn’t sleep properly last night. I’m catching up with Nic at the moment, we’re having a laugh.

5th November, Sunday

Today I really couldn’t be bothered going to work but I did from 11.15am until 8pm. I’m not working until 1pm tomorrow. I’m currently enjoying a Terrys Chocolate Orange and watching Desperate Housewives which is really good tonight, Brothers and Sisters looks funny tonight too.

6th November, Monday

Got up and went for a shower, went to work for 1.15pm and finished at 8.15pm, I had to close the topping bar. After work I went home and then went to do some last minute shopping at Downtown Disney with Nic and James. I got some gifts and some bits for me too and of course my free chocolate samples!

7th November, Tuesday

I worked form 11.45am and got an ER at 5.45pm. I went home to get changed and then went back to Magic Kingdom to meet Nic and Fi. I met up with Oscar who was working but we watched Wishes together, probably for the last time. It’s my last day in work tomorrow!

8th November, Wednesday

My last day of work!!! I worked from 11am until 7.15pm, I was made Sheriff of the Day today! It is usually a magical moment that we do for kids when they are celebrating a birthday or something. I got a badge and certificate and had my photo taken with Sheriff Jose and Eric, it was really funny. There are quite a few of us leaving so we got some group photos. I have to come back in tomorrow to get my Certificate signed by Rachid to say I have completed my program, he has already done my evaluation sheet and I did really well (even better than Tom) it probably helps that we get on well.

Tomorrow I will pick up my last pay cheque and drop off my costumes and then I’m going to a Cast Member Celebration. Afterwards we will go around Magic Kingdom one last time. My graduation party is at 6pm at Vista Way, then we will go to the Christmas parade preview.

9th November, Thursday

Today I have been to Magic Kingdom and I have got my certificate. This morning I found out I have got a place on the Cultural Program, today is a good day! The graduation party was good, I got photos with Mickey and Minnie in their graduation gowns and I got my graduation mickey ears to wear. We got free pizza and a drink too. Then we went to the Magic Kingdom, we watched Wishes for the last time, it was emotional! We then waited for the Christmas Parade Preview, I saw Edgar, Manuel and everyone and managed to get some photos of us all. I swapped email addresses with Oscar, Edgar and Manuel so it’ll be easier to keep in touch. I have already got Nicola, Fiona, James and Toms emails as we hope to meet up once we are home too.


Looking back this was one of the best experiences of my life, it fuelled my love of Disney and also of travel. I made the most of every moment and had so much fun doing it. I learnt a lot in those 2 months and I may have moaned a bit about the ins and outs of the job itself but I did it all with a smile on my face because I was at the happiest place on earth. I have also made some friends for life and we still keep n touch to this day. In fact this September is our 10 year anniversary and we are celebrating by going back to The Happiest Place On Earth!!!




















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